Welcome to the Goudhurst Community website . On this site you will, in the future, find all you need to know about our Parish, villages and our communities.

For now our priority is to provide information on how we are supporting each other at a time when we all need to work together.

Goudhurst Readycall can provide support for transport, shopping or simply provide someone to talk to.

Goudhurst and Kilndown Church have Community Cupboard which is open for those in need and for contributions.

Corona Kindness

You will have received a card through your door offering help if needed . You can contact the person on the card or, if you have not had a card, or misplaced it, please call 07944 776008

Advice on how you can protect yourself and how that helps protect the NHS and save lives is continuing to change. For the most up-to-date advice please use the NHS and BBC websites. For now you should stay at home and not visit your GP, pharmacy or hospital. Contact them by phone or by email or online.